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TOI Videos: Enhance Your Jade Platform Skills

TOI – Transfer of Information - were events designed to inform users about the latest features and capabilities of our recent releases. Now you can experience this wealth of knowledge through our concise, TOI byte-sized videos and extensive TOI archives. Explore the evolution of Jade Platform features at your own pace and convenience.

TOI byte-sized

Our TOI byte-sized videos offer condensed versions of the presentations you’d expect from a TOI event but in a more digestible format. Each installment is crafted to equip you with the skills to develop and enhance Jade Platform applications effectively.

Latest TOI

New mocking framework feature

In this video, Tim and Nick deep-dive into our Mocking Framework, launched as part of Jade 2022, which empowers you to efficiently handle and create unit tests with predictability and repeatability. Enhance your unit testing frameworks by effectively isolating dependencies using automatically generated replacements such as Stubs and Fakes.

Past TOI Videos

Explore our past TOI videos to gain valuable insights into earlier, still supported versions of the Jade Platform.