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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions try our Documentation page or send us an email. We are more than happy to help.

How can I find out the licensing status of my Jade Platform system? You can view the specifics of the Jade Platform license applied to the system by accessing the license information within the summary menu of the JADE Monitor.
How can I identify the version of the system, including the hotfix version, that I'm currently using? When you execute the jverinfo.exe application located in the JADE Bin directory, it will generate a versioninfo.txt file that provides system version information.
Which .log should I primarily review when I encounter an issue while using the Jade system? jommsg.log contains information about what is occurring on each database, including successful operations as well as errors. It is usually the first log that you should check when problems are encountered.
What are the purposes of JADE RPS and SDS?

The Relational Population Service (RPS) provides automatic replication of objects from a primary Jade database to one or more relational databases.

RPS enables Jade systems to interoperate with relational databases for reporting, Business Intelligence (BI), Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), and data warehousing purposes. You can find more information about RPS here.

Jade’s Synchronized Database Service (SDS) offers an effective solution to protect a business’s core data assets, providing access to these assets on a 24x7 basis in the face of disasters and system outages. Further details on SDS can be found here.

I'm interested in trying Jade. Where can I download the Jade Platform software and get a developer license? You can download the Jade Platform software and obtain a free development licence from the Jade Developer Centre website.
How can I access the Jade online help and find the required topics? In the Jade Platform development environment, you can access the Jade online help by pressing F1 when a specific item has focus. You can also access JADE online help in your browser by visiting the following URL: