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Jade Platform Licensing

The Jade Platform provides all the necessary tools for both developing and running applications. The features you can access in the Jade Platform depend on the licence key assigned to it.

Free Licence

$0/ Free-of-charge

The Free Development Licence (FDL) enables you to develop in Jade Platform free of charge. A fixed-capability licence key provides a fixed set of development and runtime capabilities. Allowing for a maximum of two concurrent developers, it provides limited runtime capabilities for testing purposes only.

FDL capabilities cannot be combined with any other Jade Platform licence. The runtime capabilities provided by this licence enable applications to be tested during development.

Commercial Use

Let's find the plan right for you

If you intend to use the application commercially, please contact us to discuss setting up terms for a royalty partnership. We're here to support your business growth.

Build your application

Start building your application on the Jade Platform without worrying about costs. Access a range of development & runtime features for development and testing purposes with the Free Development Licence.

(Not for Commercial use)

Prototype and validate your ideas

The Jade Platform is ideal for rapid prototyping. You can quickly prototype and validate your ideas on the fixed-capability licence key to access a range of development and runtime features for efficient testing.

Get in touch and we'll help you launch

Ready to launch your application? Reach out to us for guidance on deploying your product on the Jade Platform. Our team is here to support you through the transition from development to deployment.


Let us help you bring your vision to life!