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Welcome to the Jade Platform
Developer Centre

Unleash Your Creativity

The Jade Platform Developer Centre is your gateway to a world of resources, examples, and tools. Join a thriving developer community and build something remarkable with Jade. 

What is the Jade Platform?

The Jade Platform (formerly known as JADE) is a powerful technology that integrates an object-oriented database, a programming language, and a development environment, allowing developers to efficiently build dependable applications. This enables complex business problems to be tackled; data models are easily defined and used.


Our Roadmap

Curious about the future of Jade Platform? Explore the roadmap and see how we are continually evolving to enable you to overcome your most pressing technical challenges.

Discover JEDI Where Jade Platform Innovation Begins

The Jade Environment Development Ideas (JEDI) lets you actively contribute to the evolution of the Jade Platform by suggesting improvements and casting your vote for the most impactful ideas. Let your voice be heard, and help shape the platform's future!

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